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SPACES Monster Drawing Rally 04.16.16

Come join the fun!!! During the 6th annual Monster Drawing Rally, SPACES will turn artists’ private studio practices into public performance. Over 100 of Cleveland’s freshest artists will create new artworks on the spot, with materials provided by SPACES. When the drawings are completed, they will be hung on the walls for purchase at $75 […]

Happy 5th Birthday Wood-Lee!!

Today is a very special day ! Wood-Lee International Art Handler is now 5 years old. When Woody and I decided to brand the art handling portion of our business we really did not know what to expect. Art Handling has always been a part of Berea Moving but we wanted to tell the world […]

CASE STUDY: How To Move An Elephant

      Wood-Lee International Art Handlers are often called in to do the impossible. In this case, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History needed to have their taxidermy mount of an African elephant head removed from the Museum (de-installation), and placed into storage. Here, in their own words, Woody Melton and Lisa Holly (brother […]

2016 is the Year of Celebration

Berea Moving is 55 years old Woody and Lisa have worked for the company for 40 years Woody and Lisa have owned the company for 10 years Wood-Lee is 5 years old We have come a long way these past years, and we hope to continue doing great things. Let us all make 2016 our […]

Lisa Holly Joins SPACES Board of Directors

Three new members join the SPACES Board of Directors   SPACES’ Board of Directors appointed three new members at its December 15th meeting. Joining the board are Lisa Holly, Eric Rippert, and David Tarditi. “All three of our new Board members bring the kind of enthusiasm and advocacy for the organization that has always been […]